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Is Sam Harris Muslim Or Buddhism?

Well, it's not a complicated mathematical problem in order to find out the answer of is Sam Harris Buddhism or Christian or Hindu or Muslim? We are not in a mosque, temple or church and we are free to give opinion on this matter regardless of what religion we embrace. You guys get bored reading some theories of how to see God, you may come over to this weird entertainment blog to get enlightened.

He was writing a new book when the author of this weird entertainment blog was thinking about an exceptional idea. What should I write about religion as a safe matter without creating conflict. It's a very sensitive case when it comes to faith differences, don't you think? Sam Harris, author of The End of Faith and advocate for atheism, wrote an insightful column for Free Inquiry, a journal of Secular Humanism, in which he said, and there's no Buddhism term, "As a worldview, secularism has defined itself in opposition to the whirling absurdity of religion. Like atheism (with which it is more or less interchangeable), secularism is a negative dispensation."

It's not about Muslim, Christian or Hindu or Sikh debate to find out which is the best, Sam Harris continues: "Being secular is not a positive virtue like being reasonable, wise, or loving. To be secular, one need do nothing more than live in perpetual opposition to the unsubstantiated claims of religious dogmatists. ... Criticizing religious irrationality is absolutely essential. But secularism, being nothing more than the totality of such criticism, can lead its practitioners to reject important features of human experience simply because they have been traditionally associated with religious practice."

If only he would go pilgrimage to Mecca to feel the difference, there would be a different context. Sam Harris is not a Muslim and there's no news about him converting to Islam. And if he respects cows very much and believes in so many gods, he is not Buddhism, he is a Hindu. But what're talking about here? The hajj season is never booming in Western countries and Hindu ritual is not what he might follow.

Perhaps he knows some Basic Guidelines for Buddhist Practice like: Reflect on your motivation, make a commitment to the practice, follow the 5 precepts. live a simpler, healthier lifestyle, do some research and start practicing consistently. Perhaps he also knows about Muslim or Islam philosophies and also the ones from Christianity and Hinduism. If you are Muslim or a Hindu, this article maybe boring and uninterested, and what's the point?

The difference between Buddhism and Islam is not as what you can see from the heads of their followers, the common dress they wear. And for this there's no specific matter which is interesting to talk about. There's nothing to trigger argument about how to feel the spirit as Holy or weird. Well, as I said whether Sam Harris professes Buddhism or other religion, the point is when will he get interested to create a book inspired by this Weird Entertainment Blog. Excuse me?


BTW, who are the celebrities converting to Islam or Scientology?



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