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Celebrities Should Believe in One God Instead of Scientology?

A question to Muslims: why did you become a Muslim? Is that odd? Is it like why do celebrities believe in scientology? Well, perhaps not quite the same, as Muslims believe in one God, but then the haters refers this to absolutism and arrogance. Well, what do you want God is like? What if God is tolerant and "merciful" and He likes seeing you becoming gay or bigot, is that exciting?

Well, here is a weird entertainment blog, when you might to fantasy to live in the days of Albert Einstein. That's the time when you wanted to outdo his brain. Science is the king and your intellectual is everything. You don't have to be celebrities just to believe the fact that in scientology you'll get what you want to know about God. God is not formula, He is the Supreme Being. He has everything and that no one and nothing compares to Him, we call it beyond compare. Believe in one God, perhaps, that's out of context.

Science is the king, in the entertainment wold it can be unlimited income, in other words, it's creativity, it is freedom, it is the way you become celebrities in your daily life and there's no such question to bother you like why do believe in religion instead of scientology. We are scientist, we are inventing pleasure in life, we are the master of our own self and the guideline is our thought, our brain, our intellectualism.

We are not talking about why we should convert to Christianity or Islam and especially about Islam, why should we force ourselves to believe in superstitious? None of Hollywood celebrities have ever asked why Islam is the answer to everything. Scientology has everything, because it lets you think the way you think as God does. It can create many gods as those of Hinduism has and it can even create new gods.

You watch Hollywood movies and see one by one of them, none will suggest you to be humble and surrender to one God, Islam's God: Allah. And the entertainment turn to be more weird, as science reigns supreme, it becomes solution to all problems and anybody thinking about decency is not included in this context. Why do you want to get naked anytime as free as what celebrities do to express freedom of creativity, it's perhaps because you believe in scientology. Your god is your brain and your brain will no go further than your age. So, if we say it's part of weird entertainment, maybe it is so.


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