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Is God Real?

Is it a stupid question or serious: is God real? If you don't believe in religion, better believe in your eyes. If you eyes are deceiving, better believe that air doesn't even exist.

You know what? That none of  the things you see on TV when it comes to animation is real, but you still believe. That's the magic of modern film making. Using powerful computers, animators and digital effects artists at companies like Industrial Light & Magic can construct fictional worlds and virtual characters that are so lifelike, so convincingly real, that the audience suspends its disbelief and enjoys the show. God is not precisely like that, because He is the Supreme Being, the only one or thing beyond compare. He is SO! But Your brain just cannot reach it!

Some animations work by using lots of drawings. To animate a frog jumping you can draw lots of pictures of the frog. When you move from drawing to drawing really quickly your eye will think the frog is jumping! The real God might do it, but not by drawing, It's done by His Power and you know what? Men should be inspired by this! Because God is the truest great inspiration. Men is so weak and has limitation, copying what God has done by drawing lots of pictures to make something move. 

Okay, we're talking about weird entertainment, including those what is so called spiritual. It's not a matter of how to convince people to believe in something that they don't believe. It's about a trial, how to let the brain works as it should. But, again, it's up to you to judge the final result of this.


Brian said...

God is unique or weird? No such thing called crazy!

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