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5 Crazy Celebrations To Tickle Your Funny Bone

weird entertainmentHow to celebrate an anniversary or birthday party hilariously? If you are a man of eccentric behavior, you might think about something of an oddity, right? However, just get real. Craziness could harm you, instead.

Some crazy celebrations are recommended for daredevils, psychos or whatever you may call. They need something to get their adrenaline going. It's not just narrating a story about driving in America which is much different from that one in Indonesia. Or mimic Jim Carrey making fun of others.

In america cars are on the right-had side of the road and are usually going faster. This fact should not be regarded as a crazy celebration if you only make it a narrative birthday party or company anniversary. Those eccentric guys won't even say it amusing.

Tickle your funny bone. This post won't reveal what is so called as inspiring crazy celebration. It's a weird entertainment reading you've got here. So you don't have to fancy such daredevil actions.

1. Celebrate your blessing day by driving In Iowa or Kansas. The roads are straight for hours and hours there. You can sing and dance as much time as you like in your car.

2. Alaska has many mountain roads, snow and ice. Have a crazy celebration or weird entertainment there; just go off road by auto rickshaw, also called tuk tuk, bring along your grand parents with you.

3. Texas is very flat and the road surface becomes very hot. A hot surface can cause a blowout. Have fun, dance and sing as many time as you wish when you get flat tire.

4. In California you can drive in the mountains and desert the same day. Bring both parachute and a camel as well.

5. If you are driving on country roads you need to keep a full tank of gas. Make a crazy celebration by providing more tanks and sell the gas for unfortunate drivers you find in the street.

Is this kind of entertainment weird? You bet!


Stonov said...

If you like more weird stories about sunset, better go to Bali. There is much entertainment you can get. Even celebrities like to die in Bali, is that unbelievable?

Anonymous said...

Or go to hell.

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