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Weird Celebrity News: Don't Try It At Home!

All unusual news about celebrities are the most read. You bet! Gossips are eager to find out about what's wrong with them, especially with the temperamental one. Weird or no, you may judge yourself after reading this.

1. Harrison Ford, probably frustrated tracing the whereabouts of hidden treasure in the interior of forest in Indonesia, might recall his hey day in Minister of forestry office in Jakarta by becoming heroic Indiana Jones. News about his stepping on the desk while waiting for the minister has spread all over the world. This is one weird and offensive thing a celebrity has ever done away from home.

2. Jacky Chan had to beat off those teenaged fighters who attacked an American kid in Beijing. The son of a famous Hollywood celebrity, had been bullied over and over again, and Jacky came at the right time to save his life. Weird thing is, news about this has never been publicly exposed. Really? For avid moviegoers, perhaps, this is such a silly report a blogger has ever written.

3. Another temperamental story comes from music industry. Some gossips think this is the big news, as Justin Bieber hung up the phone during a recent interview with some radio station, and the little man hung up after he was badgered by the show's hosts about music and his mom. Weird? Not really. You'll find it bizarre if Bieber's mom does the martial art on stage.

That's all for today, baby. This weird news of celebrities is not for you to copy. It's for entertainment only and there's no offensive intention coming along with it. But if you do, all want to say is, that's totally not funny!

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