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3 Reasons Why Julia Roberts Won't Celebrate Her Birthday Party In Bali

Julia Roberts turned 46 on Monday, Oct. 28, but the Academy Award winner didn't celebrate her birthday party in Bali. Her husband Danny Moder wanted her to say in New York City, and there's no trip to Indonesia booked with the celebrity's name recently.

"The Pretty Woman" was spotted in Manhattan's West Village neighborhood on Sunday after finishing brunch with friends at the Little Owl. And rumor as written above is absurd. If you were her, below are 3 reasons why a woman like Julia Roberts won't celebrate her birthday party in Bali:

1. Eat Pray Love, the movie she starred and took place in Bali doesn't have a sequel. It's so ashamed, if, as an actor you cry and beg the producer to continue the project. Julia Roberts never wants to do such a stupid thing like bringing her birthday's cake there and have a small party with the local in the middle of the jungle.

2. Balinese fortunetellers never suggest and write to her the idea of how to enjoy Bali in different way in order to celebrate her birthday party as well as tell Julia Roberts about brighter future. The reason is obvious. You can answer yourself.

3. Her husband doesn't have a plan to learn Balinese dance there this month. (Not sure if he has something in mind after reading this) He is not into handicrafts and sculptures. Besides that, it's Julia Roberts birthday party's celebration, not his.

Well, how about you? Need to be spoofed too? Lol!

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