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Weird Britney Spears?

How can we say Britney is weird? Because we jealous she's been searched by millions of people on the Internet? Nothing is wrong, people tend to look for anything sensational or controversial and she happens to be one of the objects.

Maybe when she shaved her head due to drugs investigation problem back then in 2007, people would like to know what she's like when bald headed. But that's not the reason that we can say, "Is Britney weird?" She might have problems with her ex-manager. That's common in the world of entertainment. Everybody getting engaged in this area would probably have it. But, why Britney, won't you hire a lawyer to get rid of those paparazzi? Sounds like a silly question? 

Those who hate lawyer must not be familiar with what is so-called Yaz and Yasmin? You know what happens? So far, more than 10,000 women have filed lawsuits against Bayer Healthcare, the maker of Yaz, alleging they suffered serious health conditions after taking the drug. Wait, does it have something to do with a weird Britney Spears? It's disjointed, what do you think?

She has absolutely nothing to do with it. The weird Britney Spears is nowhere and she doesn't have to respond to any gossipers making fun of her. Now, you keep in mind, this is the consequence of how you want to be in life. If you are rising to stardom, be happy to answer this WH-question.

By the way, stop dreaming, "Why Britney won't you come to my life?"

This article is rewritten from "Why Britney" by the same author. See another version here

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