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What Will David Beckham Do After Retirement?

What Will David Beckham do after retirement? Is soccer field not appealing to him anymore? Is he going to be an actor and create a movie about his biography? To find it out let's flash back to his hey day. But if that's not too interesting to talk about. especially if you who don't really like football, let's tell a joke.

First ask Timbul, a 49-year-old chef from Indonesia who founded a non-profit body to feed the homeless and destitute. Has he ever predicted that David Beckham would retire in 2013? Remember when he was invited by David Beckham to join him in a soccer competition one day in summer somewhere in Africa. Timbul was among 20 chefs, who were selected from out of 10,000 nominations by Beckham to support him and to lul him by tickling stories after Beckham has admitted to getting bored with his routine.

Well, the fact is Timbul is fictitious and the story above never happens in reality, but you might answer the above question as you wish as part of humor. What David Beckham will do after retirement you can say he might go to Africa to look for a chef. To look someone like Timbul who founded his nonprofit YouMayBefooled in 2003. He has served more than 1.2 million meals - breakfast, lunch and dinner - to Jakarta's people.Or he might look for twin monkeys to keep as pets or whatever.

You might also say, David Beckham might start a new career as a ballet coach or an Arabic teacher. Is that funny? Maybe. It's not funny if he would like come to your house and ask you to trim your moustache and marry him soon.
The main source of this joke taken from Mr. Nurman learns to tickle your fancy, published in October 30, 2010

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