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Weird tickling men? Who are they?

Weird tickling men. Who are they? Will they fight against each other for this "title" and don't care about what is so called manner? Is Ricky Martin included? And also all gays around the world? Such a word is shaking everyone's perception. Now you're curious what kind of story it will be. Or maybe no?

So, you are straight, and feel free from such weird thing as mentioned above? For babies or toddlers, tickling men might mean fathers or grandfathers. but the parents who had nothing to do with Daddy Yankee's orientation when they're teenagers, who knows? Let the guy be guy, don't let the guy be gay if you happen to aim it to yourself in front of the mirror.If you want to tickle yourself as part of practice it doesn't mean you are called a tickling man, right? Weird?

By the way, what kind of inspiring story that you can get when you see boxers fighting in a ring like Muhammad Ali or Mike Tyson? Ali suffering Parkinson and Tyson with his emotional problem thought they have won their battle, but they're not as weird tickling men related to our discussion today. It means strong gentlemen in the eye of public should show who and what they really are.There's nothing strange about it.

Fictitious Robocop and Iron Man, both these superheros are also tough guys to fights against their enemies with their metal shields. If you see them tickling each other, will that make them weird tickling men? Not funny! Men must believe they must have watched animation too much and there's too much fancy to make. So what's the conclusion, who and what are they? Who are the weird tickling men?

It's getting weird to get the point of this writing. Well, forget it, let's tickle the baby, that's better than pick the nose.

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