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Is George Clooney Gay?

Is George Clooney Gay? No, according to his older sister Adelia Zeidler. But some handsome men from Thailand don't believe this. They try to check it out by contacting him through the phone, but only to find nothing there but a buzz. Do you believe this nonsense?

Rumors that this Oscar winning good looking man is not straight have been scattered on the Internet. Some playboys just skip it and some politicians find there's no correlation between gay, George Clooney and the next presidential election in their own countries. This won't explain, either, why he seems not to want to tie the knot with his current lady love, Stacy Keibler.

George, 51, was married to actress Talia Balsam from until 1989 until 1993 – this is more than enough to say that George Clooney is not a gay to those having naive thought. So now he has chances of tying the knot with Keibler as part of normal person. However, not only Adelia says, “No I would say he probably will not get married." Many of the handsome men out there don't really like that to happen.

George doesn't really care about what people say about him. His career is more important than just responding to gossips or rumors which will finally be consumed by the media. Okay, many can see he hasn't been a sleazy womanizer type but not so many can see his relationship with man or boy or even an alien ... Lol. Gay or not, Clooney is a charismatic figure many women adore, and including man?

Now, the conclusion is it's weird to see George Clooney reflects much on it and that he decides to convert to Islam and plans to go pilgrimage to Mecca. This is nonsense and disjointed. About his gay rumor, it's nonsense that people stop being curious about.

Indeed Entertainment is weird ...

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