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Weird Celebrity News For Sale!

Weird celebrity news, not for you to read, but it's for sale. Does it sound silly? Sure it does. Famous people don't need it anymore, because they want to live in harmony, no more gossip no more absurd rumor.

It was initially to be auctioned, but they need quick money, so direct selling is the best way to do. Who are they, anyway? Are they part of celebrities? Weird, no news ever revealed about them. Nobody knows or even cares where they are from and what they're doing with gossip or rumor.

People indeed need entertainment and some weird celebrity news appeal to them. But if it is for sale, they just keep wondering what silly idea it is. They need a trustful information regarding this. But whom can they talk to?

Angelina Jolie?

She's busy with her international campaign with UN besides with her acting career, no time for this.

Brad Pitt?

He's busy supporting Angelina Jolie with her international campaign with UN, and besides, he is also busy with his acting career, no time for this, either.

Both Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie can forward it to Gwyneth Paltrow about this rumor of weird celebrities news for sale. But ...

What does Gwyneth say? She doesn't say anything. Paltrow is just curious why she becomes the most hated celebrity in Hollywood Today. If she thinks it's weird, she just cannot report it to Iron Man, because it's fictitious.

So, is it silly with the "for sale" idea? Probably not, especially if you like seeing Rowan Atkinson, not as an intellectual person who used to be deceiving, but as a ridiculous dummy. Well, at least you have a slightest sense of humor.

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