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Weird, Celebrities Hate News!

When it comes to entertainment, people might be looking for weird celebrity news on the Internet, like Tiger Woods cheating stories, lists of his mistresses, Justin Bieber VS Selena Gomez or Nicolas Cage's debt rumor and so on. They're not looking for the ones about how to cure parkinson or how to be a successful entrepreneur while they are hunger for gossip.

If people are really curious about such rare things and they become addicted to searching weird news, how about celebrities? What are they looking for? Off course, they're not looking for the ones about how to get a job as a security guard while they are hunger for personal life security. They are looking for you!!!

What?!!! They are going to tell you that they are the only people on earth who can entertain you and you need to adore them. They want you to be their fans. They're coming to your door and telling you they are still the celebrities that you love. They want you not to believe such weird news about their affairs, and in return, they will give you 50% of their income annually.

How about that? Would it be fine? Anybody who like humor, do you agree if I put the word "this" before news at the post title above? Just have a look.


Anonymous said...

Really weird

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