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Is Jim Carrey Gay?

Those looking for news about whether Jim Carrey is gay or no, won't see the gesture when he's wearing the mask. That's one of his most popular movies, and whether it's the funniest, you have your own opinion about it.

If you ask God about it, He wouldn't say anything, instead just lets Hollywood make a parody of Him. Bruce Almighty himself couldn't decide whether Jim Carrey is gay or no. If you ask Morgan Freeman, he's too busy being God and has nothing to do with definition of straight or homosexuality.

These were the two lame and cringeworthy questions David Letterman asked Jim Carrey on Friday night. Carrey was there to plug his movie role as a gay con artist who falls madly in love with his cellmate, and Letterman (who says he saw the movie that day) appeared really fixated on the whole homosexual thing. (thebacklot.com) But the two questions won't appear here as there's a bit problem relate to it.

The problem is God came to Bruce Almighty's dream last night asking, "Is Jim Carrey gay?" There he also asked Morgan Freeman, "So you guys making the box office, grossing $85.89 million, don't you think it's like a drop of dirt?

So what's the conclusion? Just take a look at the theme how weird entertainment is on this blog.

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