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Celebrities To Set Them Free From Funny Blogs? Stop Laughing!

What is so called funny celebrity blog is not recommended by and for the stars. It won't be praised or "blessed" by them, either. This can happen if all of the contents are nothing but mockery only, which are, to the author, considered parody or spoof instead.

There's no point of humor that readers can get there as it comes up as cynical and performs envy and agitation. Surely, if you find such thing like this, a funny celebrity blog will apparently only put famous people into a cage and have them tickled. There's no laughter at all.

So if you want to read anything funny about celebrities, don't visit their blogs, because not all of them are created for spoof or parody unless they themselves create one(s) and intend to tickle everyone's funny bones with theirs.

Rather, if you want to get entertained, just find and select any witty writers you like who write funny stories or news about celebrities through their blogs. And if you happen to be here or come across this post, one thing for sure, I won't say, "stop laughing" as there's nothing funny here that you may find amusing.

But who knows, maybe someday Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Katy Perry, Robert Pattinson, Emma Watson, Rihanna, Nicolas Cage, Amanda Bynes, Adam Lambert and more and more celebrities will come across this blog and find their spoof or parody here and yell at themselves: "stop laughing, it's not funny!"

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