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Yanni Weird Story in Dubai?

Entertainment is weird and you are free to regard it as fun or tragedy. Like, is there anything funnier than performing on YouTube making a parody of your pavorite musician? Yanni, a legendary composer and live performer who has brought hundreds of millions of fans and fellow world citizens together with his concerts, won't make a silly story in Arab world, off course. He is all set to return to Dubai.

So don't wish for a joke if he is not in a mood with it. For example you would like to see Yanni with his full orchestra play soccer with all his people and dance Harlem Shake in the field. Funny as you may think, no one will believe such a story.

This is what you're waiting for: He will perform live in Dubai World Trade Centre as part of his World Tour 2013. And looking for something different? You may ... READ MORE


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