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Weird Entertainment News, Read It Or Leave It?

You like it? Some weird entertainment news are not so popular to those looking for a clear or authentically serious gossip about celebrities rather than searching for a spoof or funny story about them. However, as a tense relief they are not bad.

Are we talking about laughter? Not really, we're talking about smile; it is softer than practical joke. This is how we put weird entertainment into something more intellectual than slapsticks. Especially when it comes to news everybody needs to know.

A few for examples are:

1. It is reported that Emma Watson once traveled to Uganda, exploring the dessert for a hidden treasure, accompanied by a monkey. It is due to her dropout that she decided to do unusual thing far far away in Africa.

2. Tiger Woods, tired of playing golf he decides to make money with Google Adsense. Unfortunately, he doesn't include sport on this blog; instead he writes a lot of content about dolls for toddlers.

3. No authentic news about Robert Pattinson converting to Islam. What makes it weird that Kristen Steward is waiting for him from a Friday prayer to go with him to enroll at the ritual pilgrimage to Mecca.

Okay, such entertainment should not make you laugh. Smile is enough. If you think this kind of news is awful and not funny at all, it is not wrong to say intellectual property is so weird to show off.

Or is it? Just read it or leave it with or without you leaving comment dear ...

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