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Weird English

The following are the reasons as to what are considered weird English, according to the one born in one of the countries in South-East Asia.

1. You learn grammar and structure, but no matter how hard you learn and how much time you spend for this, you just can't speak the language.

2. You watch Hollywood movies, but no matter how hard you to try to catch the words and how much time you spend to translate them, you just can't speak the language.

3. You say it's weird English, because your language doesn't have to use Tenses anytime you like to explain the time/periode of time any actions done in life.

4. You keep wondering why there should be pronunciations which are really really jawbreakers to you.

5. You keep brainwashed by the myth in your country considering English is a second or foreign language that without mastering you will be left behind.

6. It is really weird that you may create many parodies or spoofs in your country, but none of the native speakers knows the meaning of them.

Indeed, English can become something laughable depends on how you speak it. In many countries where English is a foreign language, learning or trying speaking it fluently no matter you speak it right or wrong will make people think you are the one to put on airs. Weird is there are Hinglish and Singlish to support this language as the second one when they're talking with some who doesn't even know how to pronounce the alphabet.

However, if you really want to master the language, you must keep going on with a lot of practices, even if you have to talk to yourself. I personally agree with this kind of individual practice. Just make sure when you speak to yourself there's nobody around. What we're afraid of is it's you who are considered weird not English.

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