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Weird English Mastery!

Weird English, mastery! You can speak English only in a day, promoted in a weird video entitled How to Master English in a day? Must see animation. And the animation turns out to be something to tickle your fancy. It's out of context, but inspiring--God Job!

Before you watch the video, I would like to give you some illustration, expecially for us speaking English as a second or foreign language. There's always been a wrong method many learners use in learning the language, that is the traditional one resulted in the inability even to create a comfortable situation to speak a broken English. How can it be? Because they don't think language is fun. It's like mathematics with formula you need to describe in detail. You're not a linguist, are you?

Better learn more from this video. If the ending is weird, don't blame me. You need to take your own initiative to interpret it, to get rid of grammar and stucture burden, rather you have fun with more comfortable approaches.

Happy watching!


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