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Tiger Woods Weird Commercial

You may often watch Tiger Woods on TV commercials, right? What do you think about them? They must mostly relate to golf. None seems weird, like the one depicting a war scnene or fighting against aliens or dinosaurs and it is not part of immigration campaign at all. Should we envy him? Rich, famous with several contracts of product campaigns are waiting for him in line?

Everyone knows Tiger Woods is a golfer, a tough, a famous sportsman. Golf, to most people is a sport for the rich. To me, it is for the Have. What's the different? Lol. While jogging is much cheaper and easier done around the neighborhood, jogging at a lavishly large area with golf clubs and sticks is a pride.

Why Tiger Woods likes doing  the commecials on television?

First, golf is a sport for the rich. They will not think to play chess on the golf course, or play hide and seek.It is such a weird conduct that even 10 year old boy won't laugh hard enough on seeing this.

Secondly, golf players have a lot of cars. The cars should not be displayed on the golf course because it will "spoil the view" and disrupt the game

Third, they just want to be like Tiger Woods; they do not have to get engaged in any commercial breaks, but only pursue a successful career as a golfer and make as much money as they can.

Why the above written opinion sounds so weird?

First, because it is not commented by Tiger Woods himself. Secondly, the post is not written by a golfer. Third, this article is not really  interesting  to be quoated as a storyboarad of golf commercials. Fourth, I don't really care whether you just smile, laugh, confuse or even pick your nose reading this.

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