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Office Design Plan should not be weird

After reading  Once upon a time: Office Design Plan by Mr. Cabinet: I would like to comment that office design plan should not be arranged by weird people. We're talking about art here, not about a stand-up comedy, right? Who are they, anyway?

First, backpackers. They have nothing to do with tied-up work, routine or commuting, and premises. What they're looking for is a different atmosphere far away from the hustle and bustle of modern business. These people won't say it's weird with their efficiency living in a cheapest inn downtown, but it's silly to be asked to design a plan of office design while being mobile. What is that for? Some of them maybe designer themselves, but it's totally a wrong time for the inquiry while they're having fun exploring a foreign country.

Second, police officers, especially when they're interrogating a criminal. Such stupid question will upset them, and you can get arrested for mocking an institution. The police don't have to design something about their office. They only plan to have better future with sufficient pension money to take it easy after retirement.

Wait, how can we say they are weird ? First, backpackers won't lend their backpack to me and second the police won't dance Gangnam Style to entertain children. See, the latter sentence is weird, right? If you don't get the point here, never mind, it's just a weird entertainment.


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