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Tickling figure of Obama

Who is he? who is Barack Obama.

No, I won't describe the rest as what many have written here. Barack Obama's personal story is by now familiar, so the question then whey we need to know about it? Why many many people would like to know about Obama story? One answer is that President Obama is truly a puzzling person and president to Americans from all points on the political spectrum. No, this is not my answer. I quoted from one opinion expressed on the Internet. The question of who he really is, what he really stands, and above all what really motivates and animates him doesn't have anything to do with whether he is a Muslim or Christian.

Yes, the president is "cool" and somewhat "detached," but how can in a tickling personality he becomes horrible and stubborn. Is it my personal opinion? Maybe people just watch horror movie too much. .... READ MORE

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